Cleveland, MS
Partly Cloudy
Feels like 84°.
Humidity: 69% Dew Point: 70°
Clouds: 49% Pressure: 29.98 in
Wind: ENE 3 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 8:44am
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89 74
Light rain in the afternoon.
49%   53%
5:06   7:13
95 74
Humid throughout the day and partly cloudy in the morning.
14%   24%
5:06   7:12
98 76
Partly cloudy in the morning and humid throughout the day.
7%   22%
5:07   7:12
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KIX Happenings

Mark Patrick Seminars

July 16th at The Bologna Performing Arts Center Lose Weight Seminar With Hypnosis 100% Guaranteed That’s Right. No matter how many diets you’ve tried or your past experiences trying to lose weight, THIS PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT without hunger, without starvation dieting or... Read More.

$100,000 Security Services Crack The Vault Contest

You have a chance to win $100,000 every morning by playing the “Security Services Crack The Vault” contest between 6:00am and 9:00am on the KIX92.1 Hometown Morning Show with John “Mad Dog” Miller. Call in and guess the code to unlock a vault full... Read More.

Medical Minute

The Medical Minute with Dr. Scott Nelson is back.  Dr. Nelson, who practices at Cleveland Family Medicine, shares medical information to help you stay healthy.  Join Dr. Nelson at 10:20 am, 1:20 pm and 8:20 pm weekdays on KIX-92.1.

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