Midland Says Crowd Size Doesn’t Matter To Them

Like most bands, Midland has played nearly every size of venue. They say that when it comes down to their performance on stage, crowd size doesn't matter. Starting with bassist, Cameron Duddy, he and lead singer, Mark Wystrach told us this: "I don’t think there’s a difference. I think... Read More.

Chris Janson Surprises Crowd With Pop-Up Show

Chris Janson surprised a lot of people in Nashville on Wednesday night. He showed up at Blake Shelton's venue, Ole Red, for a late-night, pop-up show. It wasn't his first time there, he played last month as a guest of Blake's. Before popping in, Chris had... Read More.

Garth Brooks To Announce Tour Plans On Monday

Last month, Garth Brooks teased about plans to tour again and he's now set to make the official announcement on Monday. In true, Garth fashion, there's something very different about the seating, Garth tells us this: "How many front rows are we talking? Real quick in my head –... Read More.

Morgan Evans Wraps Tour For 10 Cities In 10 Days

Earlier this week, Morgan Evans posted this to his Twitter account: "Moving to Nashville has been incredible; it’s just the most epic music community I’ve ever seen or experienced." And though he's enjoying his new home, he hasn't been there very much. In case you missed it, Morgan performed... Read More.

Sugarland Chooses Opening Acts Carefully

Sugarland is out on their Still the Same Tour this summer and are playing some songs from their latest album, Bigger. Brandy Clark and Clare Bowen are on the road with them, and that means more than you might think. Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles explain: "We’ve always really... Read More.

Lauren Alaina Releases Video For ‘Three’

Lauren Alaina has released a new lyric video for what she calls her favorite song that she's ever written. In a press release, she stated, "My family, fans, and boyfriend are all a part of the video, and they are all a part of the reason I wrote the... Read More.