Blake Shelton is showing what a good guy he is with a generous gift of free concert tickets to two deserving fans. Last month, 25-year-old Jonathan Daniels posted a letter to Shelton on Facebook writing about a serious motorcycle accident he was in that forced him and his girlfriend to miss his show in New York on October 8th. Daniels wrote, “My girlfriend never left my side and kept praying for me and made my stay in the hospital very comforting. Now, because of this horrible accident, we were unable to make the trip to Brooklyn. It is now a couple months later and she still has to help me shower, eat, walk, drive me around to my doctor’s appointments and I was just hoping maybe you would see this letter and help me give her the birthday present she deserves. All she wants is to see you in concert.”

Daniels asked Facebook friends to share the letter in hopes that it would eventually get to Shelton. Well, it worked! The post was shared more than 419,000 times and on December 8th, he got a personal response from the superstar.

Shelton recorded a video message for Daniels and his girlfriend saying, “I’m very sorry about the accident and I hope you recover soon and you’re feeling better soon. Obviously I’m totally ready to give you tickets to whatever show you can make it to, and don’t rush, for God sakes, take your time getting well and getting ready. For sure, I’ve got to meet you guys. Happy holidays and we’re pulling for you to get well.”

Shelton is holding the tickets for whichever show Daniels wants to attend.

Daniels shared Shelton's video message on December 8th writing, "So this happened today, I am beyond grateful to everyone who has helped us share this and get it to Blake!! He is an amazing man with a huge heart! Thank you everyone!!!"

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