Brett Young has had a chance to meet a lot of impressive people thus far in his career, but there is one who stands out above all others. He tells us: [“Like, if I were to scroll through my phone and one phone number would surprise me that it’s somebody that I’m close with or that I even have met, it would still be Gavin DeGraw.  And that’s 100% because his first record is the reason that I decided to start writing songs in the first place. And so I pretty much stalked him for that whole year and was fortunate enough to run into him and get to know him and become friends with him.  And so he’s been a full blown mentor every time I have questions or you know I’m feeling a little bit worn down or whatever I reach out to him.  I was just texting with him last night and he always says the right thing and he’s always been a really good friend to me.  So it’s pretty crazy to me that the reason that I decided to go into music is somebody that’s become a friend of mine.”] SOUNDCUE (:39 OC: . . . friend of mine.)

Brett likely got a few tips from Gavin about releasing his self-titled debut album, which comes out on February 10th. The project features Brett's chart-topping hit “Sleep Without You” along with his latest single, “In Case You Didn’t Know.”

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