Before getting into music full time, Brett Young was on track to become a professional baseball player.  After that career dream was sidelined by a shoulder injury that required surgery, Brett found his true passion in music, however he tells us that doesn't mean he never misses his favorite sport. [“I miss baseball all the time especially when I watch baseball. It’s really hard to have made it to the level that I did and then have it like, basically taken away, you know, kind of halted because you have all those ‘what ifs.’  You wonder how far it could have gone. But that said, I don’t have any regrets about, you know everybody goes ‘Why didn’t you go back?  After you had surgery you could have . . .’  Because I had already found music at that point. I’ve never for one second since I started music, have I wondered if I was supposed to do this. This has always been very clear to me. So I miss baseball but I can’t wait to have kids and throw the ball with them and you know enjoy it from that perspective next.”] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . that perspective next.)

Brett climbs into the Top 10 on the Billboard chart this week with “In Case You Didn’t Know.”

He continues on the American Made tour with Justin Moore and Lee Brice on Friday (April 21st) in Evansville, IN.

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