Carrie Underwood is climbing up the charts with Keith Urban, her duet partner on "The Fighter," which is from Keith's Ripcord album. The two performed several tour dates together in Australia late last year in addition to recording the song, and as Carrie tells us, working with Keith is always a pleasure. [“It’s been amazing to be able to perform here and there with Keith Urban and just get to work with him and see how he does things. He just takes so much care with every aspect of what he does, from recording songs to putting together an album to going on tour. It’s just been really, really cool to get to be around him.”] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . be around him.)

Carrie is enjoying her well-deserved downtime now between albums. She told CBS, “Right now, I’m kind of in the process of remembering what it’s like to be human and getting into the mom routine and going to some hockey games and stuff like that. I figure I’ll start working on new stuff at some point. I’ll get the itch and I’ll be like, 'OK, I need to go be creative.'”

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