Fans were surprised back in July when Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line decided to take a break from Instagram. It’s not that he has anything against the social media app, but Tyler tells us he just realized he needed to reprioritize the way he was spending his time.  [“My personal Instagram I just took a little time off you know I was really spending a ton of time on my phones doing this on the popular page. I was like, ‘Look there’s a lot more things I should be doing than sitting here doing this right now.’  So I just took a little time off and I’ll probably get back on eventually, but I’m enjoying it right now to be honest.  I’m much more productive and I mean, I think it’s great for a lot of reasons, but you know for me, I just needed a little time off.”] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . little time off.)

Tyler and Brian Kelley still keep in touch with their fans via Florida Georgia Line’s social media accounts, including Instagram.

The duo is sitting in the Top Five this week with “May We All,” featuring Tim McGraw.

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