Keith Urban has released the making of "The Fighter" on the heels of last week's premiere of the brand new music video for his latest song “The Fighter,” featuring Carrie Underwood. The video was shot last month in Nashville and reunites Urban with John Urbano, who directed “Cop Car,” “Somewhere In My Car,” and “Wasted Time.”  It marks the fourth music video and single release from Urban’s album Ripcord, which received a nomination last week from the Academy of Country Music for Album of the Year.

Urban said, “John said, ‘I know this girl who dances, sort of street dancing, I don’t even know what it is,’ but it was so good and John said ‘listen to the song and watch her dance at the same time’ and they just went together so incredibly well . . . ”

Urban tells us the idea for the song came from the superstar's own personal experience with the early part of romantic relationships. ["There's something to be said for when you're early in a relationship wanting . . . My experience has been that the girl wants that reassurance that this is a safe place, this is a great place to be, and 'what are you gonna do when this happens, what are you gonna do when that happens,' and I thought that made for a really good, simple song idea, and so busbee and I wrote the song pretty quickly and Carrie's voice just sort of came to my head as being the girl in the song. I love her voice, and I was thrilled that she loved the song."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . loved the song.)

Urban and Underwood performed "The Fighter" for the first time on national television during the recent Grammy Awards.

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