Kelsea Ballerini recently completed her trifecta of superstars who most impacted her musical career when she met Shania Twain. The two were introduced last spring at a CMT event, but since then Kelsea says that Shania took the time to phone her and tell her she was “doing a good job.”

The rising star tells us she has been overwhelmed with the amount of support coming from her life-long idols. “It's weird, like . . . it's just weird! People say that you should never meet your idols. I disagree. For me, especially just in Country alone, Hillary Scott, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift and Shania, they were like — and Faith and Trisha — but those were my three, you know, and the ones that I studied and I learned from and I waited in line to meet and I saved up to go see, and all three of them have turned around and reached their hand out to me, and they're such beautiful people and obviously superstars but they're superstars because they're beautiful people, and it's really as a new artist really inspiring to see that and just know that they can be just the biggest star in the world and still kind and want to help someone that they believe in and still listen to new music and get excited by it. I mean, they're fascinating people.”

Kelsea is offering fans a taste of her upcoming sophomore album, Unapologetically, in a first-ever partnership with Foursquare Swarm. Fans are invited to keep watch on her social media accounts for special clues on which locations to check-in on the life-logging mobile app. Upon checking in, they will then receive a “Kelsea Ballerini Bonus” – which can be swiped to unveil an exclusive clip of a must-hear album track and the singer talking about the song.

Unapologetically will be released on November 3rd.

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