Midland’s debut single is called “Drinkin’ Problem,” and the guys say drinking can be a positive or negative thing, depending on the situation. Lead singer Mark Wystrach tells us: “I think alcohol needs to be revered. To me, I grew up in a bar so to me the bar’s a happy place and incredibly happy memories of shared experiences, of sing-alongs, cowboys riding their horses into the bar. Of course there’s the negative sides to alcohol. No, I think it’s something to be revered and it’s something to be respected and definitely not abused. I think it’s no joke and I don’t think that we’re trying to glorify drinking per se, I think we’re just describing a shared experience for us, that’s something that’s true, and it’s a scene and kind of a moving picture, if you will, that we’ve all experienced on our own.”

“Drinkin’ Problem” is the lead single off of Midland’s debut album, which will be released later this year. The song was recently certified gold for more than 500,000 downloads.

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