The guys in Old Dominion are keeping themselves pretty busy leading up to the August 25th release date of their new album Happy Endings. They are on the road playing a ton of show dates where fans get see them perform their Top 10 hit “No Such Thing As A Broken.” In addition to their fair and festival shows and a couple of stadium shows with Kenny Chesney at the end of the month, Old Dominion is playing their Dive Bar shows. They have partnered with Bud Light to provide fans with a chance to see the guys in very intimate settings for the rest of the month, and as Geoff Sprung and Trevor Rosen tell us, it's an adjustment going from the big venues back to the small ones. “It’s almost more complicated to go backwards . . . (Trevor laughs) (Geoff) to the small stages. We were doing all these small stages night after night, and then they got bigger, and logistically that became a nightmare until you settle in, and then all of a sudden you’re dealing with a stage that is maybe 15 feet wide tops, and you’re trying to cram all this extra stuff on. (Trevor) Yeah, we have a crew that is well rehearsed to take our equipment into a big stage (Geoff) Yeah (Trevor) And immediately get it set up, and everything runs. So, yeah, now we have to logistically figure out (Geoff) Yeah (Trevor) how to . . . what equipment we can bring in there. (Geoff) Yeah, we did the first one, I remember on the first show going ‘where are all the guitars gonna to go? There’s no room on stage for the guitars.'”

Old Dominion takes the stage at LA's Harvard & Stone on August 15th.

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