The cover of Old Dominion's upcoming album, Happy Endings, features some lyrical cues to the album. The cover art looks like a cross stitch with pictures of various things including a guitar, the Statue of Liberty, a diamond, a heart, to name a few, but there's meaning attached to each one, as Matthew Ramsey tells us: ["Yeah,  there’s a little lyrical cues in there. (Trevor Rosen) Nuggets. (laughs) (Matthew) Nuggets is a good way to describe it. Yeah, the album cover definitely features images. We had this whole idea about cross stitch sampler thing. I kind of just thought about the songs and the lyrics and kind of just wrote down whatever images popped into my head from the songs and sent them over to the artists and out pops this amazing cover.”] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . this amazing cover.)

All that cross stitching lead to a very interesting partnership with Old Dominion and Singer Sewing Machines. Right now if you go to you can enter for a chance to win one of five Singer Legacy Sewing Machines. After you entering, you can scroll down and get an early start cross stitching by downloading custom patterns based on Old Dominion’s Happy Endings album cover. After you’re done, you can share your creation on social media with the hashtag SewHappy!

Old Dominion‘s brand new album, Happy Endings, arrives at retail on August 25th.

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