Old Dominion closes out the year with something shiny — their first gold-certified album signifying sales of more than half a million copies of their debut project, Meat And Candy. The news comes almost a year after the release of the album on November 6, 2015.

Lead singer Matthew Ramsey said, "When we made Meat and Candy we had no way of knowing if it would go over well or not. We just tried to make a record that would excite us and that we were proud of. Hearing that it is now certified Gold really shows us that it is resonating with people in much bigger ways than we could have ever expected. We are extremely proud and grateful."

Meat And Candy has already produced two Number One hits — “Break Up With Him" and “Snapback” — while their third single, “Song For Another Time” currently sits at Number Two on both the Billboard Country Airplay and Mediabase Country charts.

Old Dominion's radio success along with back to back tours with Kenny Chesney and now their own headlining tour is making it hard for the group members to go unnoticed. In fact, they're even pretty popular when they're not physically around. Matthew, Trevor Rosen and Brad Tursi explain: [“We’re kind of getting used to it a little bit, but it is strange to see, you know, your video pop up or your song come on the radio even, it’s still kind of new. I had some friends that were at a tailgate for Virginia Tech, Virginia football game, and she said, ‘Man, it’s like you’re here, because every tailgate is playing Old Dominion.' (Trevor) Wow. (Matthew) She was like, 'We walked almost a mile and we passed car after car after car playing Old dominion,' so it’s crazy. (Brad) Yeah, I guess you know we’re always like, ‘Ah no one knows who we are, no one knows,’ and then like, whenever you, I’ve been saying that like, ‘Well no one really knows who we are,’ and people are like, ‘Yes they do.’ (laughs) (Matthew) Yeah it’s hard to wrap your head around how many people actually know who we are now. I guess you can only be, you know, on the radio and on TV so much . . . (Trevor) So long . . . (Matthew) Before you have to accept the fact that people do know who you are. (laughs) (Brad) Yeah.”] SOUNDCUE (:51 OC: . . . you are. (laughs) (Brad) Yeah.)

The Meat and Candy fall leg wraps up on December 18th in Kansas City, MO.

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