Parmalee's sophomore album, 27861, is a tribute to the group's hometown of Parmele, North Carolina. It's the town's zip code and the place where this four-man band came together and vowed to see their dream come true together. Bass player Barry Knox tells us: ["I think it's something that we've always wanted to do. When we named the band Parmalee it's because we had a little barn out there and that's where we wrote our first song together and practiced and that was kind of our little spot, so 27861 was something that was very special to us and we all have it tattooed on our bodies and it was kind of like a commitment we made with each other saying, you know, 'We're gonna get this tattoo and that means that we're gonna stick together and we're gonna make this thing work no matter how long it takes.' We've never had the opportunity to name an album 27861 although we always wanted to and this one came about. It's like this is the perfect time, kind of like an ode to Parmele."] SOUNDCUE (:38 OC: . . . ode to Parmele.)

The latest single off 27861 is called "Sunday Morning."

27861 was released earlier this month.

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