Miranda Lambert is intentionally not doing media other than TV performances with regard to her brand new album, The Weight of These Wings. Page Six reports she has refused to do interviews and wants the music "to speak for her." Her reason? Previous mistakes made by her ex, Blake Shelton, and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. According to a source, Miranda said, "Gwen’s and Blake’s albums didn’t sell, and all they did was do press.’ Miranda also reportedly points to Blake and Gwen's willingness to talk about their new romance as well as their divorces, which the singer sees as a detriment to their careers.

The source added, “There are 24 songs on the record, and it’s all very intentional . . . what she put on there. It’s really all laid out there. It’s similar to what Beyonce did with ‘Lemonade.’ ‘Is this about Jay Z? Did she really do this?’ It’s really similar with all that’s been happening in the public eye. There’s that kind of fun game you do with Carly Simon . . . ‘Who’s this about?’ She’s writing about her life, and by not doing the interviews, she doesn’t have to explain anything, including the Blake situation."

Miranda's The Weight of These Wings double-disc album was released on Friday (November 18th).

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