Cleveland, MS
Mostly Cloudy
Feels like 59°.
Humidity: 73% Dew Point: 50°
Clouds: 86% Pressure: 29.88 in
Wind: NNE 6 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 2:37pm.
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65 55
Rain starting in the afternoon.
80%   62%
7:09   7:13
77 57
Mostly cloudy throughout the day and breezy until evening.
74%   62%
7:08   7:14
55 47
Mostly cloudy throughout the day and breezy until afternoon.
24%   60%
7:07   7:15
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    Join Miller in the Morning for the Hometown Morning Show on KIX-92.1.  It’s the new fun way to wake up in the morning.  Weekdays 5am to 9am on KIX-92.1.

    Check out the KIX Country Cafe!

    KIX-92.1 opens up the “KIX Country Cafe” every weekday at Noon.  Rick Burton serves up a heapin’ helpin’ of great country during the lunch hour, Noon ’til 1 weekdays.  Would you like gravy with that?

    Weekends Are Better!

    Weekends are better on KIX-92.1.  While some country stations load up the weekends with ballgames, church services, and endless countdown shows, KIX-92.1 keeps playing all your favorite country tunes all weekend long.  How many different countdown shows are there on that other station?

    Wanna Win Some Stuff?

    In addition to playing the Delta’s Best Country, KIX-92.1 also has the best contests.  Listen to KIX-92.1 for more details and your chance to win.  Also, check out our CONTESTS page for updated information.

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