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Cleveland, MS
Light Rain
Feels like 34°.
Humidity: 97% Dew Point: 41°
Clouds: 98% Pressure: 30.26 in
Wind: NNE 15 mph Visability: 5 mi Conditions as of 2:56am
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46 32
Rain in the morning and afternoon.
99%   77%
6:43   5:52
45 25
Clear throughout the day.
4%   0%
6:42   5:53
53 25
Clear throughout the day.
4%   8%
6:41   5:54
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Tuesday, February 18
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Woman Kidnapped After Helping Man with Car Trouble

Tuesday, February 18
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12-year-old Given Doll with Noose Of Beads

Tuesday, February 18
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Coahoma County Man Drowns After Boat Capsizes

Tuesday, February 18
COAHOMA COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Coahoma County man drowned after his boat capsized in Long Lake off Highway 1. Coahoma County volunteer firemen recovered... Read more at

Fuel Prices Going Up, Wine Going Down

Tuesday, February 18
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Mississippi Rising Back into Flood Warning Territory

Tuesday, February 18
TUNICA COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for several counties including Coahoma, Desoto, Quitman and Tunica Counties in Mississippi... Read more at