Ashley McBryde is plotting her first headlining tour throughout the U.S. and Europe this fall. The Girl Going Nowhere tour will open on September 5th in Atlanta, Georgia with international stops in the U.K. and Scotland, before wrapping up on December 15th in Rochester, New York.Tickets go on sale this Friday (May 25th).

The tour is named for Ashley's debut album, Girl Going Nowhere, which was released in March. In fact, the songs on the project were inspired by Ashley's time spend on the road. She tells us: “I would look out the windshield of the van while we’re going down the road, and I just see that we are going down the road. Now, a photographer would see light and shape and shadow and how to best use that, and they can visualize it that way and capture it, and song writers are lucky in that we get to do that with sound and silence and phrases. So, we’re sort of like Swifter’s or Roombas. Every day we’re just going around kind of picking up little pieces and keeping those with us and then you may stop in the middle of what you are doing and stop and write a song, or you may sit down and just take that reservoir that you’ve been filling up and just go ahead and dump it out and look at all the pieces and see what you can make out of it.”

Ashley is climbing the charts with “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega,” the debut single from Girl Going Nowhere.

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