Over the years, Billy Currington has parlayed his relationships with Nashville publishing companies and songwriters into the building blocks of his career. A good ear for hits — or "luck," as Billy would call it — have allowed the singer to enjoy a successful career on the road and at radio.

Billy tells us his secret to success is his ever-growing "stash" of great songs. ["You know, I lived here for so long and one of the things I got to do before a record deal was be a songwriter and be connected to different publishing companies around here and I've kept those relationships over the years and giving my email to those guys as far as like anytime during the year that you want to send a song, even if I'm not looking at the moment or recording just send away, and they do that so I just stack 'em up and stack 'em, and so I usually have so many to go through but the good ones always kind of shine at the end and just go with my gut and record those. I don't know if it's luck after that or what. It just always works out nicely."] SOUNDCUE (:41 OC: . . . works out nicely.)

Billy's latest hit, "Do I Make You Wanna," is a Top 10 hit and climbing on the country charts.

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