Brad Paisley is finding that his new single, “Today,” is one of those songs that instantly impacts the listener. He tells us that wherever he goes, people are sharing their own personal stories. [“I don’t think I’ve ever had a reaction to a song like this, that’s this quick and this universal. I haven’t gone anywhere that I haven’t sort of been approached by someone who’s already either seen the video or heard the song and wants to tell me what it meant to them and their reaction as well as the things that they’ve been threw in their life that sort of fit the criteria for this song which are obviously some of those greatest moments that you’ve ever had that get you through the valleys. The peaks can get you through the valleys, that’s kind of the point of this song, and I mean everywhere from Walgreens to on my own bus with employees and friends and people. They’ve all got stories and they’re trying to tell me what it means to them.”] SOUNDCUE (:42 OC: . . . means to them.)

Brad will perform "Today" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (Friday, November 11th). Check local listings for time.

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