Brad Paisley says his kids get obsessed with certain toys like Batman and Transformers, but for him he remembers wanting the Millennium Falcon and Battlestar Galactica toys for Christmas. That was about the time he started to have some doubts about Santa Clause. Brad tells us about the year he tried to prove his existence: [“One year I tried to figure out. It was about fifth or sixth grade, I think I was startin’ to…oh no, it was third or fourth grade, I was startin’ to get the hint that maybe there wasn’t a Santa Claus…which there is, by the way. But I wanted to prove it once and for all, so I stuck a tape recorder, pressed record, stuck it behind the Christmas tree, and left it on hoping that I would hear whoever was gonna place those presents there…and I forgot to plug it in.”] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: forgot to plug it in)

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