Brantley Gilbert's new album, The Devil Don't Sleep, may have an ominous title but it's actually a pretty upbeat project. Brantley wrote or co-wrote all 16 songs on the album, and he tells us they represent the happiest chapter in his life thus far. [“The Devil Don’t Sleep, contrary to the title, this is actually the most positive record as a whole that I’ve ever released. And you know the title track it’s all about being conscious that even though it has been an awesome chapter, you know, I got married and my wife’s my favorite part of me. I love my wife with everything I am and you know there’s been a lot of positive in this chapter.  It’s all about knowing that the devil don’t sleep. Temptation is always around the corner and it’s all about just staying on your toes and being ready.”] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . and being ready.)

The Devil Don’t Sleep arrives at retail today (Friday, January 27th). The Deluxe Edition of the album contains an 10 additional songs.

Brantley explains: [“So the 16 standard tracks, that’s the chapter, that tells the story.  The 10 extra . . . five are songs recorded live from two sold-out shows at Red Rocks in Colorado, which is two of the most incredible nights of my career and I think the band and the whole organization will probably second that.  This is the first live content we’ve ever released and it’s five songs that folks have heard before, one of ‘em is a Hank Jr. cover, my favorite Hank Jr. song of all time. And then the other five songs are demos from the past that haven’t made records, not because they weren’t good enough, but because they either didn’t fit the story or they didn’t fit the theme for that record, for one reason or another. It’s just songs that kind of hit me in the chest in the past that we never released. There’s a few of them I know nobody’s heard.”] SOUNDCUE (:51 OC: . . . know nobody's heard.)

The Devil Don’t Sleep features Brantley’s latest hit, “The Weekend," which is in the top 20 and and climbing on the charts.

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