Brett Eldredge's brand new self-titled album includes a few very personal songs that touch on what he wants in a relationship as well as the heartbreak he has experienced along with way. Brett, who confirms he is currently single, tells us this is the most honest he has been thus far when it comes to his romantic life. ["If I'm writing a love song I'm writing from what I want and what I hope to have and what I want to give to somebody, and also if I'm writing a heartbreaker that's what I've experienced and that's the other side and the reality of it. I think I've touched on that more on this record than any other time and I think it's freeing to be able to let my heart out like that cause it's real. It's honest and I hope somebody that's going through the same thing hears that and that's what gives me the reason to get up there and sing it."] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . and sing it.)

Fans walking the streets of Nashville will find three unique mosaics inspired by Brett filling in the city's potholes with advertising for his Brett Eldrege album, which was just released on Friday (August 4th). Brett called on artist Jim Bachor to create three pieces featuring the singer’s logo, his song “No Stopping You” and, of course, his beloved pup, Edgar. Brett said, “I’ve got my name, my dog and my lyrics all over Nashville, and it’s there to stay. It’s crazy. I used to wander those streets as a kid dreaming about making music, and now it has really come true.

Brett Eldredge currently sits at Number One on the iTunes Country and All-Genre album charts. Brett in in New York City today (Monday, August 7th) to perform for the Citi Concert Series on NBC's Today show and spotlight as co-host during the 9 a.m. hour.

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