Artists tend to self-title their very first album, but in the case of Brett Eldredge, his upcoming third album was the appropriate one to carry his name. Brett tells us: ["I feel weird like having just my name on an album but when I really thought through it this album fits kind of my story and everything that's built up to this point and you try to get all this body of work that people know you and when they hear your song on the radio or when they hear your song on a record they know that's you, and so now I got to really dig deep on this record lyrically and melodically and really just go deeper into the album and that's what this album is. I got to play some of it for my fans at the fan club party and it was the coolest thing cause it comes out August 4th and I'm dying to get it out there so I'm just trying to play it for anybody that won't tell their friends . . . or they will tell their friends but they won't play it for them cause they can't cause I have it all."] SOUNDCUE (:45 OC: . . . have it all.)

The Brett Eldredge album features his current Top 25 single, "Somethin' I'm Good At."

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