Brett Eldredge considers himself a romantic guy, but when it comes to today's (Wednesday, February 14th) hearts-and-flowers holiday, Valentine's Day, the singer has somewhat of a warning for guys out there trying to impress their ladies. “Just don't over cheese it up. Don't go for like . . . Like if you line up rose petals all over the (place). You can go a little overboard sometimes — fill a room with a bagillion flowers and all that stuff. It's just like be romantic but be romantic in a place of like spend time with that person, something where you can really just spend time with that special person and be yourself. And if you want to give them a little bit of chocolate or something . . . I'm not saying don't give them roses or something. Just don't go over the top and like fly an airplane that says 'I love you' or something, you know?” in Tulsa, OK.

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