Brett Young is having as good of a time behind the scenes as he is on stage during the You Look Good tour with headliner Lady Antebellum. The singer's schedule allows for quite a bit of downtime between arriving at the venues and actually hitting the stage, but as Brett tells us, there's plenty to fill those hours. [“We’re actually the camp that’s setting up the hoop on this trip, which has been fun, and their guys have come over and played with us a little bit. One of the things is like there’s downtime and so we bring out a football, we bring out a basketball hoop. Hillary’s husband and Lady A’s drummer, Chris, one of their trailers is literally a fitness trailer, and so he’s out there training anybody that wants to get a workout, he’s getting his own workout in. Charles and I have hung out quite a bit but not athletically.  He’s actually, whenever I bring writers on the road he’s going, ‘Hey, let me jump in, let me write with you.’ And so I’ve written with Charles three or four times at this point and it’s been a blast. I think probably songs that will end up on their record, songs that will end up on mine, and it’s been fun. And the Lady A Camp is so great and they’ve not only been so easy to work with but like I’ve been able to learn so much from them, too.”] SOUNDCUE (:40 OC: . . . from them, too.)

The You Look Good tour, which also features Kelsea Ballerini, rolls on to St. Louis, MO on Friday (August 18th).

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