Brett Young will release his new album, Ticket to L.A., on December 7th, which means he's on the road promoting it right now. He loves touring, but admits…he also loves being at home with his fiancée, Taylor. Brett told us this: “The thing I miss the most is sleeping in my own bed. No matter how nice of a situation you have on a tour bus, it’s never a California king. And I’m 6’6″, so that’s number one. I walk in the door and plop down for a little while. But we’re really homebodies—we like to cook, and we like TV and movies, and so, you know, we’re catching up on shows and cooking non-road food. When we’re at home we like to be at home. We have the dog with us out on the road, but when we’re home he gets to be in his familiar neighborhood, and it’s just really like our version of nesting.”

Source: Pulse of Radio

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