Brett Young just released the video for his new song, “Mercy,” and while he admits to doing what he calls his “version” of acting in the clip. What exactly does that mean? Brett tells us: “I’m a terrible actor. I don’t like to do things that I’m not comfortable doing. So that’s why you’ll never see me dance. I’m a terrible golfer. (Lady Antebellum's) Charles Kelley is like a scratch golfer so he’s told me he’s going to get me out on the course. It’s gonna be very uncomfortable. Acting is one of those things. It’s a lot of takes to get an expression on my face. We’ll get it, but it’s a lot of work. You know I was always the one playing music when all my friends were acting and it’s always been a skill set that I’ve been jealous of.”

“Mercy” is the fourth single from Brett's self-titled debut album.

He recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Mills.

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