In February, Brett Young released his debut self-titled album. Now, as the year comes to a close, Brett has landed on multiple Billboard Year End charts, including Top New Artist, and he's the only Country artist to do so. He also landed at #2 on the Year End Hot Country Songs, Country Digital Songs, and Country Streaming Songs charts. With a year like that, it's time to relax. Brett Young shares with us – how he prepares for Christmas: “The first thing always is that the day after Thanksgiving all the Christmas decorations including the tree go up at my parents’ house and in my apartment. There’s a movie, A Christmas Story, and that’s been my family’s thing that you know TBS does the marathon every year and we watch it until they stop playing it. And then a new one snuck in in the last couple of years that I’m obsessed with that I watch year round pretty much, and that’s Elf. So, both of those movies also are like I don’t need to wait for December for that. And then anything kind of like ‘nutmegy’ I’m not a big baker but like every once in a while I’ll be, ‘All right I’ve got to make some sort of holiday dessert to make the house smell like that.’ And so I usually get myself into trouble with something like that too.”

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