Brothers Osborne recorded much of their new album, Port Saint Joe, in a beach house in Florida, and one of the songs they tracked — “Shoot Me Straight” — was recorded live in front of a bunch of friends who came down to hang out. John Osborne tells us: “'Shoot Me Straight’ literally is just us jamming in a room. We had tracked that song a few different times over the two-week course of staying there, and one of the last nights we were there we had some friends all come down from Nashville and we just set up in the room. It was late at night. We had all been drinking and partying a little bit, and he wanted us to get in front of like our friends and jam and that was the take. He wouldn’t let us fix anything. I’m glad that he didn’t because music these days it’s so perfect. I mean you can go back and fix everything all you want until the cows come home, but this record is a snapshot of just what happened. The four minutes in time this is what happened and that’s it. And some of our favorite music listening to is that. It’s just a live moment that was captured in time and you can’t really recreate that.” in Dublin, Ireland. They return to the U.S. in time to jump on the Mountain High tour with Dierks Bentley which kicks off in Columbia, MD on May 18th.

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