Carly Pearce is out on the Caliville Tour with Brett Young. The two are a perfect match in terms of being entertainers, as Carly tells us: [“I think that what people would probably say is a common thread between the two of us is we are storytellers.  And you’re going to come to a Brett show, you’re going to come to Carly show, you’re coming to hear the songs and just experience that on a deep intimate level, cause I think we both are so heartfelt in our songwriting.  And so I think that obviously, the girls are coming to see him but I think that’s a good match up just because I’m telling them stories that they can live.”] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . they can live.)

Fans in Dallas can catch Carly and Brett at the House of Blues tonight (Thursday, December 7th). The Caliville tour runs through December 16th in Milwaukee, WI.

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