Chris Lane's new album, Laps Around The Sun, features a collection of songs that take the singer in a new musical direction. The project is who Chris says he wanted to be as an artist all along but never realized it until he had an epiphany thanks to Kenny Chesney.

Chris tells us exclusively: “It happened early last year. I was playing a festival in Myrtle Beach and Kenny Chesney was the headliner and I really got to take a step back and from a different perspective as an artist and watch his show cause I'd been to so many of his shows throughout my life and the way that I connected with what he did that night and the way I saw other people connecting I felt like, 'Man! I love my first record but I want songs that connect with people and take them to a specific . . . ' He has a way of taking you back to so many great memories in your life or to a specific spot like your favorite spot in the Bahamas or whatever it may be, and that's what I wanted this record to do.” . It features his current Top 12 hit “Take Back Home Girl” featuring Tori Kelly.

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