Chris Young had met Vince Gill before he asked him to be on his song “Sober Saturday Night,” but when Vince said yes to working on the song, he proved what Chris had so often heard about him. 

Chris tells us: [“Vince Gill might be the nicest guy, not just in country music, just period. He’s always going out of his way and spending time whether it’s working on someone’s project, like he did with me with ‘Sober Saturday Night’ or whether it’s doing charity shows, benefits, just his time . . . he gives up so much of it. He’s just always so nice with everybody. It’s been really a joy to get to know somebody that I’ve looked up for so long, and him kind of, be even better of a person that I thought he would be. Which is . . . you know, you put people like that on a pedestal, so he’s so far exceeded what my expectations of meeting him were and being around him would be. It’s pretty incredible.”] SOUNDCUE (:48 OC: . . . It's pretty incredible.)

"Sober Saturday Night" is a Top 10 hit on the Billboard chart.

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