Chris Young sits at Number One this week with "Losing Sleep," the title track of his latest album. The feat marks Chris' 10th time to top the charts. He shared the news on social media writing, "Thank you to all of you that have supported through the past 11 years – it's been one hell of a ride!"

"Losing Sleep" represents a bit of a change for Chris, but he tells us that's why he think the song got people's attention. [“This song is really different for a lot of reasons, but also because it does really start out with just a guitar, a loop and vocal, and it’s kind of like mid-tempo, and you’re like ‘OK, yeah, this is kind of laid back,’ and the chorus is just kind of a punch in the face. It’s an octave jump for me vocally, so it really stretches my vocal range. Dynamically it really stretches the band, and I think it’s just one of those extra hooks. I love having as many things in a song that really pull you in as possible, and I think the difference between the verse and the chorus on this song is just another layer of something that makes you ‘oh, OK, I have to pay attention to this.'”] SOUNDCUE (:37 OC: . . . attention to this.)

Chris continues on his Losing Sleep tour featuring LANCO and Kane Brown on Thursday (February 8th) in Pittsburgh.

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