Chris Young recently released his brand new song “Losing Sleep”, and he’s getting instant feedback on the tune. Among those loving the song is Jason Aldean, Chris' tourmate on the They Don't Know trek. 

Chris tells us: [“Being on tour with Jason, it’s really cool because I came in the room the other night after the show and were all just kind of hanging in the vibe room — him and his whole band were like, 'Man, we love that new song, it’s great.’ So that was cool, being on tour with somebody and having them notice the song the day that it dropped, you know? It’s always a feel good moment when anybody likes your music, but especially when your peers as an artist. There’s different opinions and different style of music but when you’ve got people that you love or that you tour with or that you know and reach out to you and go ‘Hey man, the songs awesome, it’s pretty cool’.”] SOUNDCUE (:33 OC: . . . it's pretty cool.')

“Losing Sleep” is the first single from Chris' follow-up project to his 2015 I'm Comin' Over album.

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