Chris Young recently kicked off the They Don't Know tour with headliner Jason Aldean and his buddy, Kane Brown, and he says fans are definitely in for a treat this summer. Chris tells us: “(I'm) excited. Going out with Jason Aldean. Also, Kane Brown's on the show so two guys I know really, really well. Obviously, have a song that was on Kane’s EP and then have a song that I co-wrote that’s on his album. Just being able to be out there on the road with him is cool, and Jason, I actually toured with him several years back, so to be able to go round two and be out there on the road . . . I love his crowds and just his energy in his shows. Getting to be a part of that again, it’s gonna be a wild ride of the summer (laughs).” that he will be releasing a new single called “Losing Sleep” on May 12th. Chris co-wrote the song, which is the debut release off the next album. During the live video, Chris said that announcing the song on May 2nd was significant in that it was the date he won Nashville Star 11 years ago and signed with his current label, RCA Records. He said to the fans, “Thanks to you guys, and being on RCA, and it’s the reason why I’m still there, is because of y’all. So, thank you very much for that.”

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