Chris Young will release his seventh studio album, called Losing Sleep, on October 20th. He made the announcement directly to fans during a Facebook live video on Wednesday (August 23rd).

Chris said, “I think the experimentation I did on I’m Comin’ Over was the most I had really done, so with Losing Sleep it was about continuing that. There’s stuff like the lead track, which is really different sonically from a lot of things in my catalog – and there are going to be things that feel more familiar, too. Each song has a unique vibe and life to it.”

Chris tells us that even though it might look like routine to be able to release album after album, it's actually a gift. [“It’s not every day you get to announce that you’re going to have a major label record. Somebody actually asked me the other day, ‘does it ever get, like, OK, it’s another record, here’s another one?’ I’m like ‘No.’ There’s so many people that dream of having one, and trust me, I had those dreams too. Being able to still be on RCA and still be making records, and still looking towards the future, I’m going to soak in every moment of that.”] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . moment of that.)

Chris co-produced Losing Sleep again alongside Corey Crowder. If anyone's counting, this is the singer's third album in less than two years – he released I'm Comin' Over in 2015 followed by It Must Be Christmas last year.

Chris is in the Top 20 and climbing with the album's title track, "Losing Sleep."

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