Darius Rucker says he never wants to get bored, and one look at his schedule tells you it's not possible. In addition to tour dates and writing and recording new music, the singer has tested his acting chops by make appearances in Adam Sandler's Netflix series Sandy Wexler, CBS' Hawaii Five-0, CMT's Still The King starring Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as providing voice-overs for a few animated shows.

Darius tells us that all of these adventures have landed in his lap, but he's loving every minute. ["I've always wanted to do the voiceover thing. I always thought it'd be cool to do that, and I'm getting such great opportunities and doing such cool things and it's fun. The acting thing, I always said I would do it if something cool came up and so with Hawaii Five-O and Sun Records it was just like, 'Yeah!' Even when Billy Ray called me and said, 'Will you play Jesus in my show,' I was like, 'That's perfect!' (laughs) You know? No brainer. 'Tell me when I gotta be there. That's perfect!' And it's cool just to have those cool things coming up, cause I'm not really . . . I don't have an agent in L.A. begging people to put me in their movies and TV shows. There's people calling me and asking me if I would do it so it's been pretty cool."] SOUNDCUE (:39 OC: . . . been pretty cool.)

Next up for Darius is the release of his new album, When Was The Last Time, on October 20th.

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