Dierks Bentley's brand new single, “Burning Man,” featuring Brothers Osborne, has been released to country radio this week. This is the second single from Dierks’ new The Mountain album and follows up his chart-topping hit, “Woman, Amen.”

Dierks said, “This song hits hard on so many levels for me and having Brothers Osborne be a part of it makes it even better. This has become one of my favorite moments in our live show and I can’t wait to see the crowd’s reaction over the rest of the summer.”

Dierks had been hanging onto “Burning Man” for a while until he came up with the right situation for the song. He tells us: “I’d had this song for about two years. It’s been a song I’ve been holding on for a little while. I just love that song. I could really relate to the lyrics. In the studio, Jedd Hughes put down this great guitar part, and I thought, ‘Man, John would be really cool on that,’ and then, obviously TJ has a, I love his singing. Great voice. I would’ve asked them to be on it regardless, I really would have, but the fact they’re on tour with us just makes it all that sweeter. Those guys are the perfect group to do it with and they definitely took it to a new spot and now we get to sing it every night on stage, so it worked out really well.” .

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