Dustin Lynch celebrated the chart-topping success of his recent single, "Small Town Boy," with a party in Nashville yesterday (Wednesday, March 7th). Dustin was in a celebratory mood, unlike just a few days earlier when he learned that he had not earned any ACM Awards nominations. We shared the story of Dustin's disappointment as well as the video of his reaction to the news which he posted on social media.

While most artists would be tempted to hide such a harsh reality, Dustin tells us that he is really making a big attempt to open up to the fans via video for better or worse. ["You know, this new chapter of vlogging or whatever you want to call it, it's all about the real stuff, and that's real, you know, so there's gonna be more of those moments where it's probably stuff that most . .  . at least myself so far, I would never think to publicize but it's real emotion and those awards are something that we work so hard at, not only myself but every other artist. I'm just the first guy to put it out there. I promise you I wasn't the only one watching that broadcast that felt like crap after it happened. There's nothing we can do about it. We did everything we could, and I'm gonna continue to try to get nominated and stuff, but the feeling is 'this sucks,' and it does, so . . . My phone blew up. It was crazy. I was getting texts from all sorts of artists like, 'Man, good on you for actually putting the real stuff out there. I feel the same way and it's great that you're putting it out there for the world to see,' so that was very encouraging."] SOUNDCUE (:48 OC: . . . was very encouraging.)

"Small Town Boy" is the second consecutive chart-topper from Dustin's Current Mood album.

He continues on tour with Brad Paisley playing this weekend in Savannah, GA and Tallahassee, FL.

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