Dustin Lynch will join the millions of American paying homage to our troops and veterans this Memorial Day weekend. Dustin jumps at the chance to make time for those military men and women who come to his shows or ask him to participate in various events. He tells us exclusively that he is always grateful for the life the military affords him: “I'm able to live my dreams because of guys and girls that fight for our freedoms everyday, and protect us here not only those overseas but protect us here at home, too. Just last week we were in El Paso, Texas and got to visit, for lack of better words, a halfway house with soldiers that come home and have to re-acclimate to regular civilian life and so I get to spend some time with those guys and girls, and that is a part of the military I had no idea existed. I had no idea that happened, and to think about coming home after being gone for so long fighting and you're home but you can't see your family cause you've got to stay in this place for however long they tell you. What a sacrifice for that person and their family, so it's a big deal and a serious deal and the least we can do is thank them.” .

He's climbing the charts with his new single, “Good Girl.”

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