Dustin Lynch already has a pretty full itinerary when it comes to tour dates in 2019. In addition to playing several headlining shows, Dustin will join Thomas Rhett for the Canadian leg of his Life Changes tour next spring. That said, Dustin tells us he's upping the ante as far as production goes, bringing a lot of new bells and whistles to help entertain the fans. “We've had enough success now to have a lot of toys out there with us so we're doing a lot of fun stuff with production. I'm excited to really explore putting together some moments in a show that people talk about and kind of remember. I think arranging a show is what I love because we really do kind of try and capture the audience in our palm and take them on this ride — bring 'em up, drop 'em down, throw 'em around, get 'em dancing, get 'em making out, whatever it is — and so that's really what I look forward to is choreographing that, arranging that. It takes a long time. It takes a lot of plan, but it's what we love to do. We could stand up there and just play the record. It'd be fine, but I like taking people for a ride.”

Tonight, Dustin is in San Jose, CA with headliner Cole Swindell on his Reason To Drink . . . Another tour. The weekend is rounded out with shows in Bakersfield, CA and Phoenix, AZ.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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