Dustin Lynch is loving sharing the Dig Your Roots bill with headliner Florida Georgia Line. The guys are burning up the road through early May, and Dustin is taking every opportunity to get out and see a little of each city along the way. In fact, he tells us that part of his daily routine is to visit a nearby gym rather than haul his own workout equipment. ["A lot of guys will carry a full gym in the trailer. I kind of like getting outside of the venue. If I do the gym at the venue I'd never get outside of the venue and I'd never get to soak in where I'm at — you know, the local culture. I'd never get to see new faces, so I like getting out. I like finding whatever different gyms, and that's what's fun about this touring for me is all the new places I get to see and all the new people I get to meet. I hope that I can continue that. I think the cowboy hat helps me out a lot with that. I can take my cowboy hat off and kind of disappear. If you wear a ball cap on stage or no hat at all it's kind of tough to disappear in a gym, so I think that's helping me, and I hope I can continue to work out in the public gyms."] SOUNDCUE (:40 OC: . . . the public gyms.)

The Dig Your Roots tour plays tonight (Thursday, February 23rd) in Champaign, IL. Newcomers Chris Lane and Ryan Follese are also on the bill.

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