Eric Church is selling out shows on his Holdin’ My Own tour, and with the nearly 40 songs that he performs each night, he’s able to get in all of his hits and fan-favorites. One of those fan-favorites is “These Boots” from his 2006 Sinners Like Me album. During that particular song, the fans take off their boots and hold them up high. A few lucky ones close enough to the stage toss one of their boots to Eric to sign, which he then tosses back. He’s pretty skilled at catching these flying boots, however Eric tells us there was one mishap that really rang his bell. [“I will tell you for the first time in my career, I took one to the head in Boston. I lost it in the light, and this guy, I mean the guy felt so bad, ‘cause he was like a really big fan.  He had a shirt and he was so into it. He was farther away than I normally try to get ‘em, and the way the lights were, I felt like a ball player. So many times, you wonder how they didn’t catch that ball when you watch it on TV, but I could see him and everything was fine, but when he threw the boot, I lost it in one of the spotlights. I completely lost it and didn’t know which way to go, so I hunkered a little bit and tried to cover and I moved right into it. A lot of people saw it better than I did, and it clocked me. I mean, it was so good. It knocked my sunglasses off. They went flying, and the (laughs) thing, and you look up and this guy is so mortified. It’s like he’s killed his guy (laughs). He told me to throw it, but he was mortified. He really was, but it was fine. I put the sunglasses back on and shook it off. My vision was blurred for three days, but it was . . . (laughs)."] SOUNDCUE (:57 OC: . . . but it was . . . (laughs).)

The Holdin' My Own tour rolls on to Toronto tomorrow night (Thursday, March 2nd).

Eric has a Top 10 and climbing on the country charts with “Kill a Word."

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