Eric Church will support his upcoming studio album, Desperate Man, due out on October 5th, with a tour in the new year. The 2019 Double Down tour will visit 19 cities, where he will perform two shows in each city, with the exception of Nashville, where he will play one show at Nissan Stadium.

As Eric tells us, he pours his heart and soul into entertaining his fans: “For me, every night, I try to empty the tank. There’s always that energy floating around. I mean, it’s a palpable thing, and it’s up to me to start that exchange and get the crowd to give it back to me and then watch it build on itself and just to have that experience. You know, we’ve got this night. You’re not going to see me for a while; you’re not going to see me for a while. I love being able to capitalize on that moment and trying to live in that moment and get as much energy exchange between us and the crowd as we can. I love that. That’s my favorite part of what we do. I love . . . I’m very passionate about my music, and I love people who are passionate about the music too, and I love playing a show for that type of crowd.”

In keeping with Eric's commitment to giving his fan club, the Church Choir, priority access, they will be able to purchase tickets during the fan club presale. To keep scalpers at bay and to ensure tickets end up in the hands of real fans, after the fan club presale, tickets will be sold during Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan presale. All fans interested in priority access to tickets should get verified.

The Desperate Man album is available for preorder now, with the title track, “Heart Like A Wheel” and “Monsters” available upon preorder.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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