Eric Church wraps up his Holdin’ My Own tour this weekend with shows in Louisville tomorrow night (Thursday, May 25th) and a two-night stand in Nashville on Friday (May 26th) and Saturday (May 27th). Eric has been literally holding his own as both the opening act and headliner for months, playing for more than three-and-a-half hours at a time.

He tells us there's a perfectly logical explanation for all that: [“People say, ‘Why . . . why are you playing three and a half hours?’ And I say, ‘Because we shouldn’t be able to if you look at our success.’ Currently right now Paul McCartney is playing about 37 songs, we’re playing 37, 39, I think (Bruce) Springsteen’s playing 32 and Garth’s playing around 30. Okay, so let’s take those people. We’re way, way the outlier there, if you look at the success and you look at who they are and the records and one’s a Beatle, for chrissakes and you take all those together. But the fact that people have bought so much into the albums and I can play ‘Carolina’ and they’re just as big – or ‘Sinners Like Me’ – as the stuff that was on the radio, or bigger in some cases, right? So, that’s what shouldn’t happen, and the fact that it is, I think I owe it to the records and I owe it to the fans that have made it a part of their life to play that long and to play those songs, because again, we shouldn’t be able to play 90 minutes, but the fact that we can go do that and have the kind of show is the reason, that inspires me and makes me want to play that long and play that kind of show.”] SOUNDCUE (:55 OC: . . . kind of show.)

Eric will take a break from the road for the summer and then return this fall with a handful of dates with Brothers Osborne and Ashley McBryde.

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