Eric Church is getting ready to release his new album, Desperate Man, on Friday (October 5th). The album's title came about in an honest way, as Eric was feeling very desperate at the time. He tells us he went into the studio to record a few songs that he and his camp thought were perfect but they wound up falling flat. Eric tells us: “After three songs in the studio, none of those three songs are on the album. We were lost, in my opinion. I think there was a lot going on there. I had an interesting year personally, and, just in the studio, that safe-what we thought was gonna be the album wasn’t working with the creative energy. Two different things were going on. So, what’s interesting about Desperate Man is when I went into the album making process, that song was not written. Like a lot of them on the record, they had not been created yet, so I think that desperation of trying to find what this album is, led itself so that song and let it to the title of the album.”

The album's title track is a Top 20 hit and climbing.

Eric's 2019 Double Down tour kicks off January 18th and 19th in Omaha, Nebraska.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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