Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have made no secret of their love for touring together, but one of the reasons it works so well is because they plan it as a family. Things have gotten a little more complicated since the last time they toured together in 2007, what with two daughters away in college.

Faith explains: [“I have always really, really, loved working with Tim. Like, touring together on the road. Just, logistically as the mom that puts the schedule together for the family, it just made it so much easier. Now with arrows going a million different directions and kids growing up, it becomes more difficult and I like all my chickens in one basket. But that has changed. This is a different approach of how we’re heading out on the road. We’ll be without two of our children. They’ll be coming in and out to see us, occasionally . . . (Tim) If they want (laughs) (Faith laughs) If they want, but for me I think about it more from the practical standpoint of actually really making the logistics happen for our family to still be together and thrive and function like I personally like for it to function.”] SOUNDCUE (:55 OC: . . . it to function.)

The Soul2Soul The World tour plays in Tulsa, OK tonight (Thursday, May 11th) with opening act Jon Pardi.

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