Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley takes a shot at co-directing with the duo's latest video, "Smooth." The clip follows a road trip to Las Vegas, including an Elvis impersonator, a couple of Brian and Tyler Hubbard look-alikes and a whole cast of characters who are headed to Sin City for the vow renewal ceremony of their good friends, Craig and K.K. Wiseman. Brian tells us: [“Oh yeah it was amazing.  It was probably one of the coolest experiences, kind of writing the treatment myself and then watching it come to life with an amazing team from the art department to TK McKamy, our other director, to Craig Wiseman and K.K. Wiseman., the acting, the fake BK and Tyler circa 2012 they did a great job.  So obviously it wasn’t just me it was a great team and the day came together amazing. The weather worked out perfect for us and it was a very humbling experience. You have a vision and to see it come to fruition and come to life. It’s cool, it was a different creative outlet for me and I’m thankful Tyler and the guys let me do it."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . me do it.)

"Smooth" is a Top 20 single and the fourth release from FGL's Dig Your Roots album.

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