Garth Brooks hosted a special episode of his video series, Inside Studio G, live on Facebook from the Mission Control Center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas yesterday (Thursday, June 29th). Garth and Trisha Yearwood got to speak with  astronaut Jack Fischer and his crew mate, astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson via video satellite while they were in space.

Back in April in preparation for his first space flight, Fischer tweeted that his favorite song, Garth's hit “The River,” was the first on his pre-launch playlist.

Garth told, “It was so cool. When you get to talk to two people in their field, it’s cool to get to be in their life. And it’s cool to get that pinch of reality where your music is in their life. I never can digest that, ever. It’s just so sweet.”

Garth and Trisha also surprised Fischer with a visit from his wife and their daughter, who joined them at the center and performed a part of "The River with Trisha singing harmony.

According to, Garth is the first celebrity to go live on Facebook from Mission Control while speaking to an astronaut in orbit. He said, “Your life is full of amazing moments and I just got to have one. What I love is social media allows you to take that journey to actually see these guys and do this. In all honesty, I totally forgot that we were on Facebook Live because I was so involved talking (to them).”

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